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3135 11/-0001 J. Stephen Spence What's Right for You? Equipment Options for Personalization
3146 01/2016 J. Stephen Spence Getting Started in the Sublimation Business Here are some basics for setting up a successful sublimation shop.
3157 02/2016 Jackie Zack Making the Most out of the Spring Sports Awards Market Spring sports awards are a booming market. Are you ready for this year's rush?
3159 03/2016 Jackie Zack The "Scoop" on Metal Here's what you need to know about the metals available for rotary engraving, laser engraving and sublimation.
3164 04/2016 J. Stephen Spence The Markets for Personalized Products are Everywhere Looking for new products to sell your personalized merchandise to? Just look around you.
3169 05/2016 J. Stephen Spence Buying a UV Flatbed Printer: The Next Thing? Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about purchasing a UV digital inkjet printer.
3177 06/2016 Jackie Zack Profitable Personalization Projects Expand the capabilities of your equipment by exploring new personalization projects.
3179 07/2016 Jackie Zack The "Scoop" on Plastic Substrates
3190 09/2016 J. Stephen Spence Signs Sell: Getting into the Sign Business Have you ever considered selling signage? Here are some basics to get you started.
3201 10/2016 Jackie Zack Equipment Survey Results Part 1 EJ recently conducted a reader survey to learn more about the equipment being used in our industry and what it's being used for.
3203 11/2016 J. Stephen Spence The "Scoop" on Sublimation Substrates Here's what you need to know about the substrates available for sublimation.
3204 11/2016 Jackie Zack Buyer's Guide: UV-LED Flatbed Printers
3209 12/2016 Pegi Gailey Boatwright Boosting Your Perceived Value Just a few tweaks to your business can increase your perceived value—and sales!
3213 01/2017 J. Stephen Spence Reading The Signs: The Many Markets for Signage Take a look at the plethora of sign substrates available and see your market opportunities grow.
3223 02/2017 Jackie Zack Have You Heard About These Markets? The virtually unlimited niche markets to target when selling awards and personalized products:
3225 03/2017 Jackie Zack The Scoop on Acrylic: Part 1 The versatility and beauty of acrylic is unmatched by other materials used in the industry, making it a popular choice.
3231 04/2017 J. Stephen Spence An Extra $20 in Every Sale? Want to add a little additional cash to every sale you make? Consider this “desktop” personalization equipment.
3237 05/2017 J. Stephen Spence It's a World of Color: Color Imaging Technologies There are many printing and color imaging technologies available. Which one is right for you?
3248 06/2017 J. Stephen Spence New & Exotic Laser Materials Looking for something new and interesting to engrave with your laser? Check out these substrates.
3250 07/2017 J. Stephen Spence Creating Braille for ADA Signs Here are some options for incorporating Braille on ADA-compliant signage.
3261 09/2017 Jackie Zack Extraordinary Personalization Laser engraving offers virtually limitless opportunities for creativity -- such as these truly novel and unique laser projects.
3272 10/2017 J. Stephen Spence Is Your Equipment Holding You Back? It’s time to weight cost vs. benefit factor. Do you need to upgrade your equipment?
3273 10/2017 J. Stephen Spence The Maker Movement: The New Industrial Revolution? Being creative and “making” is the foundation of the up-and-coming maker spaces.
3285 12/2017 J. Stephen Spence Print & Cut Technologies: A Perfect Pair If you have a laser and full-color printing capabilities, this is something that could help you expand your product offerings.
3288 01/2018 Jackie Zack The Scoop on Drinkware Part 1: Drinkware by Laser Personalized travel mugs are all the rage. Learn how you can cash in!
3298 02/2018 J. Stephen Spence The Scoop on Accessories Part 1: Lasers A little equipment accessorizing can enhance your laser engraving capabilities and boost production.
3302 03/2018 J. Stephen Spence Two Sides of the Same Coin: Quality Products & Good Marketing The secret to success is offering cool, engraved products and letting the right people know you have those cool products through
3309 04/2018 J. Stephen Spence What Can You Do With a UV Printer Is UV-LED printing a good fit for your business? Here are some important things to consider about this up-and-coming technology.
3316 05/2018 J. Stephen Spence All About Lasers CO2, fiber, hybrid, galvo—what’s it all about?
3325 06/2018 J. Stephen Spence The Scoop on Drinkware Part 2: Drinkware by Color Imaging Personalized drinkware is all the rage. Learn how you can cash in!
3332 07/2018 J. Stephen Spence Selling the Great Outdoors: Exterior Sign Materials Are you getting your share of the exterior signage market? There is a whole world of exterior sign materials available to help y
3346 09/2018 Jackie Zack UV LED Printing Roundup For our UV-LED Issue, we asked suppliers and retailers some key questions about UV-LED equipment, using it and making money with
3359 10/2018 J. Stephen Spence Your Holiday Gift Checklist Make your list and check it twice for these personalized laser-engraved, or sandblasted, holiday gift ideas.
3361 11/2018 J. Stephen Spence The Digital Printing Boom Today’s digital printing technologies gives the engraving industry more capabilities, more options for personalization and more
3367 12/2018 J. Stephen Spence Getting Started in Sandcarving: The Equipment If you’ve ever thought about getting into the business of sandcarving, this article provides the basics to get you started.
3374 01/2019 J. Stephen Spence Personalized Wood Products That Sell! There are many high-quality wood blanks available in the industry. Here’s a look.
3384 02/2019 J. Stephen Spence Preparing to Capture Those Niche Markets If you want to explore new markets in the engraving industry, perhaps it’s time to diversify your equipment arsenal.
3388 03/2019 J. Stephen Spence The Top 10 Niche Markets for Personalization There are plenty of opportunities to sell personalized engraved products. Check out these niche markets that you might not have
3397 04/2019 J. Stephen Spence Laser Masks for Sandcarving? Try this fast and easy method for creating sandcarving stencils using your laser.
2955 05/2019 J. Stephen Spence Making Extra Money with Your Laser It's Time to think outside the box and put you laser to work on some new projects. Here are some ideas.
3400 05/2019 J. Stephen Spence Is It Time for a Large-Format Laser? A large-format laser can expand your capabilities and help increase production.
3412 06/2019 J. Stephen Spence The "Scoop" on Custom Engraving Plastics Did you know that you can order engraving plastic in custom colors for those customers with special requests?
3415 07/2019 Jackie Zack A Sign of the Times: Options in Sign Frames & Materials Architectural signage can be a very lucrative market for engravers. Learn about your options in sign framing systems and materia
3427 09/2019 J. Stephen Spence Cutting Edge Printing Technology Today’s state-of-the-art print and cut equipment combines high-quality full-color printing with precision cutting. Is it for you
3441 10/2019 J. Stephen Spence Finding Awesome Laser Patterns You Can Use There is an entire world of great products that can help us make money with our lasers.
3443 11/2019 J. Stephen Spence The "Scoop" on Cool Substrates Check out some of the really awesome materials available today for creating interesting and unique personalized products, signag
3449 12/2019 J. Stephen Spence A Look at 3D Subsurface Laser Engraving Here’s a look at the interesting and unique process of laser engraving 3D images inside of crystal.
3450 01/2020 J. Stephen Spence The Growing Drinkware Market: An Update Here’s a look at what’s new in the ever-expanding drinkware market along with a few personalization tips.
3451 02/2020 J. Stephen Spence Planning for Growth in 2020 There are plenty of opportunities for growing your business in 2020. Take a look.
3452 03/2020 J. Stephen Spence When It's Time to Add a Filtration System Take into account these important considerations when looking to buy a filtration system for your laser.
3453 04/2020 J. Stephen Spence Engraving Plastic with a Fiber Laser Rowmark’s FiberGrave is a plastic designed specifically for fiber lasers. Here’s a review.
3454 05/2020 J. Stephen Spence FAQs About Buying a New Laser So, you want to buy your first laser engraver? Here’s what you need to know before you buy.
3455 06/2020 J. Stephen Spence The ABCs of Plastic Products From A to Z, there are countless things you can do with a sheet of plastic.
3456 07/2020 J. Stephen Spence Wow! Full-Color ADA Signage Using a UV Printer You can create ADA-compliant signage using a UV printer—in full color!
3457 08/2020 A Look at CO2 Laser Sources Confused about glass tube vs. metal tube lasers? Which one is best? Here’s an explanation about the characteristics of each.