CONTENTS Volume 44, Number 12, June 2019

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Laser Engraving Plastics: Problems Solved, Part 2
Plastic engraving stock can give engravers headaches, but knowing the tricks of the trade can cure that.

Marble or Granite for laser Engraving Photo?
Mike Wallis shares his 15+ years of expertise when it comes to choosing marble or granite for laser engraving photos.

The Scoop on Custom Engraving Plastics
Did you know that you can order engraving plastic in custom colors for those customers with special requests?

The Top 10 Hot Sellers in Sublimation
If you offer sublimation you'll want to check out these trendy products.

Target Marketing for Sublimation
Here's a good marketing approach for selling personalized products.

10 Things You Need to Know About Money
it's hard enough to earn money and even harder to keep it

Cool Jobs: Remembering The Duke
Charlie Wade, president of Impact Expressions Inc., Rochester, MA, shares his cool western-themed laser engraved plaque.


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