CONTENTS Volume 42, Number 12, June 2017

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A Sublimation Showcase
Here are a few new products to consider for your sublimation business.

The Sizzling Summer Sports Market
Reach new customers in the summer sports market and gain year-round opportunities with traditional awards and fresh products.

Gifts for a lifetime
A simple marketing strategy can turn what would be a one-time customer into a customer for a lifetime.

New & Exotic Laser Materials
Looking for something new and interesting to engrave with your laser? Check out these substrates.

EJ's 2017 Personaliztion Advisory
Featuring Materials, Supplies & Sublimation

Mini Topix Ravenwood Castle: Old World Charm
Check out this ultra-creative laser project created by EJ reader Adam Gosnell.

The Efficient Shop: Try This!
Establishing organized workstations in your shop can improve your production and your bottom line.


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