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Tip: The Final Touch

There's no reason to put a lot of hard work and effort into personalizing merchandise if it's hidden behind dirt, dust and fingerprints. It only takes a few minutes to spruce up a product to make it not only presentable, but also alluring to the customer. For Wood, a little polish will quickly brighten it up. Use either a wax- or oil-based polish. Use one polish or the other but not both. For Glass, a thorough washing in warm, soapy water. Completely dry the piece to avoid water spots. If the glass is mounted, spray a commercial brand window cleaner (e.g. Windex) on a cloth and use a circular motion to avoid streaks. For Plastic, remove material chips by brushing them with a paintbrush or feather duster or use masking tape to lift off chips. Or hold the plastic under running water until the chips are flushed waay then dry. If the piece is acrylic, make sure the cloth that you use is dampened. A dry cloth can drag particles and cause scratches. For Coated Metal, sweep away material chips using a soft paintbrush, featherduster or adhesive tape. Sweep in the direction of the metal's grain. Don't use a cloth, which can drag chips. Stubborn dirt can be removed with lighter fluid or a 1:2 mixture of ammonia and water. Dry thoroughly. Use a non-abrasive polish like Award Glo. For Uncoated Metal, brush away material chips as you do with plastic, glass, etc. Apply polish for uncoated materials like Award Glo. You can also find metal polishes at grocery stores. For sterling sliver and silver plate, use a fine grit paste or cream. For pewter try Award Glo, Mother's Cleaner or Kirk-Stieff pewter polish. Clean them by buffing with a soft cloth. Make it a habit--better yet, make it a rule--to give every product that final touch before your customer sees it!

2019 R&P Directory.

The 2019 R&P Directory is available online and unrestricted. Published in the December 2018 issue of The Engravers Journal, the R&P Directory provides you with instant access to over 1,500 products and services, in addition to listings of brand name products. Supplier contact information is conveniently listed so you can find the sources you need -- fast! Visit the R&P Directory today!

EJ Offers The Industry's Best

The Engravers Journal has enlisted some of the industry's foremost experts, continuing our commitment to bring you the best content possible! Keeping you up to date on sublimation are Jack Franklin and John Pratt, Alpha Supply Co.; Richard Hilton, Hilton Images; and David Lavaneri, DGL Engraving. Mike Clarke provides insight into CorelDraw. Mike Fruciano, Laserbits Inc., offers his expertise in laser engraving. Former EJ editor Jackie Zack and Roy Brewer, Brewer Sales Company, share their vast R&I industry knowledge. And J. Tol Broome and William Lynott are looking after your business interests. Rounding out the picture are a number of other industry experts providing you with the best information in the industry.